The discovery of snail slime

Snail slime is a product that has been known to man for thousands of years. As early as the fifth century BC, Hippocrates described its medicinal properties in his Corpus and for many years, snails were used by doctors everywhere to treat inflammation, coughs and gastritis. This knowledge has been lost over time and was then rediscovered in the 1980s.

Incredible regenerative properties

In the early 1980s, the Bascunan family set up a snail farm in Chile to export escargots to restaurants throughout France. Despite the hard work, they realised that their hands were always smooth, velvety, soft, radiant, without spots or pimples and even seemed to have incredible regenerative properties: cuts, injuries, abrasions and scratches disappeared quickly without leaving any signs. Intrigued, they had some samples of Helix Aspersa Muller’s tissues and slime tested in a nearby laboratory. The mystery was soon unveiled.

Long life elixir

The lab tests showed that snail slime contained vitamins, proteins, polysaccharides, collagen, active ingredients and much more, which our body usually needs to perform various functions both at an epidermal and intradermal level. In a short amount of time the discovery attracted the interest of various scientists and cosmetics companies, which wanted to discover the secrets of this new long life elixir. Now  there are various products on the market – drugs and cosmetics –  based on snail slime (lumaca de oro), but there are only a handful of companies extracting the slime, creating products (agricosmetics) with no water at all, thereby creating a pure and undiluted product.