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crema viso alla bava di lumaca Lumaca de oro della tenuta pra de oro Cicatrizzante, Lenitiva, Nutritiva e Rigenerante, Antirughe, Anti-smagliature , Efficace sui segni dell’acne, macchie e cicatrici 

80% burr cream with aloe and black orchid


Whey 98% dynamic burr

black mask tenuta-agricola-pra-de-oro-ecommerce-prodotti-alla-bava-di-lumaca

Black mask

shampoo-bava-di-lumaca-tenuta-pra-de-oro-creme-cosmetiche-alla-bava-di-lumaca-300x284 copia

Soothing shower shampoo

Cleansing milk with snail slime 100 ml

Snail slime tonic in gel 100 ml

Hand cream with snail slime (40%)

After shave – vino bianco fragrance

BODY CREAM Snail Slime

What They say about us

I am very happy with them, excellent products, they absorb very well and leave your skin smooth. Results can be seen as soon as just a few days and as for the mask, it’s excellent for those who, like my daughter, have problems with acne and black heads. I would recommend both products to everyone. Thank you!

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Lumache da gastronomia

Netted snails

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A delicious product.